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Reverends Percy and Marie Eduljee

Thank you for visiting us.

Marie and myself are Senior Ministers of Into Grace Ministries International in Kingston, Logan City Queensland,, Australia. We have ministered the Gospel in India, Australia and Singapore.

Training and releasing Ministers:

We took trained people in ministry to India and Singapore holding evangelistic meetings, Taking teams to these nations, Planting Churches and the LORD demonstrated HIS power  through the preached message. The people were trained in the WORD of GOD by us prior to the ministry tours. We intend to continue this ministry and expand it to other nations as the LORD opens the doors. We will keep you informed of the next trip.

The LORD has placed it in our heart to expound the WORD of GOD through the Web and that ministry has just began. As you are aware we are in the 'Last Days' and we believe that we have to draw christians together, build each other in the faith, pure doctrine and be watchmen in these peril times that are ahead of us.

We believe it was not a coincidence that you have visited us as the Holy Spirit is in control.

May the LORD JESUS CHRIST bless you.

The Creed of our ministry will be found in the 'About Us' Page.


We have just released a teaching on our YOUTUBE channel called 'intograceministries' to address the fear people around the world have expressed that 'the World may end at the end of December 2012'. Marie and myself felt that we should we should expound the WORD of GOD on that issue and encourage each other with the Truth. PLEASE VISIT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND VIEW OTHER TEACHING VIDEOS AND FEEL FREE TO TWEET IT TO YOUR FRIENDS AND CONTACTS. If these are a blessing to you, or you need a prayer or informaton, please email us on on the link below. We would love to hear from you.



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